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Membership Yearly
Member Rate
Drop in Class
Children Under 12
Private Session (60min)
Private Session (60min) - Full payment required at the time of scheduling. Appointments must be canceled with a 24-hour notice. Private class lateness will resort in an abbreviated class
Membership benefits

-Discounted Yoga Classes. (33% discount on classes).
-Discounted monthly(unlimited yoga)
-Free T-Shirt
-Reduced rates to workshops/events
-Reduced rates for group access to the
Aset Tea Room
-Private Session Yoga Discount (20% discount)
-Discount on Incense, Soaps, stones, etc.
-Impeccable Maintenance Environment
-Community Focused
-Guest Opportunities
-Wellness Programs Access

Group Sessions Rate Available for:


Yoga Etiquette
Our lovely space is exclusively for Rejuvenation, Restoration, and Relaxation

-Remove shoes upon entering

-Dispose of food and drinks

-Silence is appreciated

-Turn off all mobile devices

-Remove smart watches

-Leave electronic devices with your belonging

-No soliciting

-Arrive at least 15 minutes early

-Bring your own mat.

Private Àse Yoga Sessions

Give the gift of a private Àse Yoga experience, an energy-clearing journey. With a personal Ase Yoga experience, the mind resets, the body relaxes, and the spirit is open. This experience includes personalized alignment and modifications and energy cleansing and unblocking. So much happens in life that we ignore; instead, we keep going and going until these experiences catch up with us or even immobilize us. If we ignore our concerns, our challenges only compound themselves; they don’t go away. Open the energy.

Private sessions focus on your personal needs and on aspects of your life that you want to change, transform, and transcend. We get manicures and pedicures; we get our hair done and buy new outfits for the outside of our bodies. Why not gift yourself with a private Àse Yoga experience, and care for the inside of your body?

Schedule a Private Àse Yoga Session. The best investment in life is in yourself. Invest in yourself, find what you’ve been looking for—experience, Àse, where every breath counts.

Be well.


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4054 Ridge Ave, Phila. PA 19129