Àse Yoga

Àse Yoga

Àse, an ancient ancestral phenomenal, is a vital life force and divine power. As a practice for optimum health and healing, we activate this life force, Àse.

Our health is our most valuable asset. Health is not only a physical phenomenon but incorporates the mind and spirit. How we feel, think, and live impacts our physical and emotional health. We go through life suffering needlessly when our life force is dormant.

Many people complain of chronic pain, high blood pressure, and high glucose; or experience anxiety, depression, and chronic stress but do nothing about it. Similarly, we hold onto our past pain, making our present life the past. And so, an unhealthy body and unresolved emotional experiences make it difficult to fulfill our potential. Àse yoga changes lives.

Is there something you want to do in your life, but it’s not happening? Have you been talking about an idea for years but never manifested it? Or have you completed a project but don’t know how it happened? It didn’t just happen, you know? Is there a difference between people who manifest their life dreams and those who perpetually think or talk about it?

Are you merely surviving or, worst, a victim of your past experiences? Why is that? We’ve not tapped into our Àse, vital energy.

Àse yoga is an energy-driven practice that transforms and transcends physical or emotional obstacles to opportunities so that we experience life, health, and prosperity-experience Àse Yoga, where every breath counts.

—Dr. Alston


"Àse Yoga is not a performance but a practice. Our practice changes live because it's not mass-produced and mechanical but unscripted and personal, flexible, fluid, and flowing."








T.A.P (Breath)

Feeling Good








Àse Yoga Difference

Àse Yoga offers a relatable experience relevant to physical, emotional, and spiritual health and healing.  Significant emphasis is dedicated to recalibrating how we breathe. We go from a breath of limitation to unlimitedness,  anger to calm, fear to courage, and sickness to health. We learn the art of feeling good along with energy-releasing movements and confidence-building asanas (pose) series.   

Every practice is designed to release from our cells a feeling, a thought, an emotion, or a belief that may harm or hinder us. Every practice is designed to balance the mind, spirit, and body. Every practice is also created to help us reach our full potential.

Over the years, having served countless students, our research suggests that students seek out yoga not merely for movements. They come into the Àse yoga sanctuary for understanding, restoration, health, and healing. That’s why Àse Yoga is uniquely created as a way of life, not merely a series of movements. 

Many of us are confronted with physical but also emotional experiences. While the symptoms may be high blood pressure, chronic pains, anxiety, depression, psychological obstacles, and stress, the cause may be something else. Begin to unblock energy, awaken your consciousness, and access your unlimited potential in living a meaningful life -experience Àse yoga and reclaim your power.

—Dr. Alston



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